History Of Tattoos

History Of Tattoos

The History of Tattoos goes back many thousands of years and is a very intriguing story. And, there are as many reasons why people get tattooed as there are people who have them.

There are many reasons why people choose to ink their bodies. Some people do it for personal or relationship reasons, and others do it as an artistic way of self expression. Some people get tattoos just to be cool and others get tattoos to commemorate people, places, and events that they want to remember forever.

Tattoos are permanent unless a tattoo removal method is used to have them removed. This is something that many usually people fail to really take into consideration until quite a while after they’ve gotten their tattoo.

Another thing that many tattoo lovers fail to consider is where their love of body art actually came from. Where did it all begin?

It seems like a societal thing that Americans are infatuated with, but what would you think if you were told that people have been getting tattoos for thousands upon thousands of years?

It is true; although technology was much different back then, we are not the first people to come up with the idea of putting permanent ink on our bodies.

It has been done in cultures all around the world and by many different people for many different reasons. They have been used for various reasons in various cultures, from ancient Borneo to Japan to Greece. They mean different things in different cultures although the methods of application were much different back then than they are today.

History of Tattoos….Then and Now!

Tattoos have been part of the human experience since antiquity!!

Egyptian Tattoo History

If you haven’t yet noticed, Egyptian tattoos are fast growing in popularity. Not only has the Eqyptian style of tattoos gained popularity, but also other tribal designs and tattoo designs that are reminiscent of ancient cultures.

While they may not all be the genuine article, the ancient Egyptian culture is long gone so who is going to be able to really tell the difference between the ancient tattoos and today’s Egyptian style tattoos?

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo of the ancient Egyptian culture, you may want to learn a little bit about what it means to have an ancient Egyptian tattoo and a bit of their tattoo history about them before you take that leap.

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Tattoo History of Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, the military used to use tattoos as a method of secret identification and communication between spies. It only made sense to those who were in on such knowledge, and it helped to distinguish between the different rankings of spies. For security reasons this information could not be kept track of in any other way.

These tattoos were nothing too elaborate; they were nothing like the tattoo that you may have on your body right now. They were a simple series of markings, intended for identification purposes only.

Criminals were also permanently marked or tattooed with a specific sign, as were those who served as slaves. Tattoos served so many purposes.

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Tattoo History of Ancient Asia

In different parts of Asia, tattoos were used for a lot of things as well. Girls were marked when they were of age to be taken and married with a man.

In addition, they were used to signify rankings in life. Those who were slaves were marked differently than those who were in the military or vice versa.

Different Asian countries had different traditions, but most all of them had permanent body markings; although it may have been only a small percentage of that culture.

The ability to tattoo shows some promising things about different cultures. Those who were able to master such a painstaking process in the early beginnings of tattooing, have indeed become the precursors of today’s tattoo artists. These ancient Asian peoples were part of the original tattoo history as is evidenced by how far back their art can be traced.

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Tattoo History of Polynesia

Tattooing has been among the Polynesian culture for over a thousand years, and was being practiced long before any Europeans ever arrived on their shores. Polynesian tattooing is an ancient art that was much more intricate than the tattoo designs that are done today and they didn’t have electric needles.

Polynesian tattooing skills increasingly evolved over the span of their culture, becoming incredibly elaborate with beautiful designs of a geometric fashion. These artworks would be renewed as well as expanded upon throughout the life of the individual with the purpose of covering the entire body.

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African American Tattoo History

Whether you are part of the African American community or not, you may have taken an interest in African American tattoos not even have known it.

Our African American brothers and sisters have many symbols and artistic styles inherent to their culture that are very interesting and have become popular choices for people of other cultures when it comes to body art.

One interesting fact about African American tattoos is that the very first evidence of tattooing was actually found on a mummy in Africa, a priestess named Amunet-Kanika. This evidence dates back more than five millenia. It has been discovered that the African people have been tattooing much longer than most historians hadsuspected.

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Tattoo History of the Native American

If you have ever studied tattoo history at all, chances are that you are already well aware of the fact that Native American tattoos are rich in body art. There are so many different cultures around the world with tattoos as a part of their culture and the Native American community is just one of them.

Read on for a bit of history regarding Native American tattoos and what they represent. If you are seriously considering getting a Native American style tattoo you should be fully aware of exactly what it is that you are getting into and you should know just type of american Indian design you thinking about.

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The Birth of the Traditional American Tattoo, a Tattoo History all It’s Own

Of course, the traditional American tattoo had to start somewhere, right? In 1908, it is said that the traditional tattoo was born in New York City in a place called Chatham Square.

A wallpaper designer named Charlie Wagner put his artistic skills to use and created the first real American tattoo. It was crude and so were the pains taken to create it, but it was the first of millions upon millions of the body art pieces that we know today as “tattoos”.

From here, things blew up. Chatham Square became the tattoo center of the United States, and people used tattoos for so many reasons. I suppose, they had as many reasons for getting a tattoo back then as we do today.

If you have heard of permanent makeup tattoos, you are probably aware that this is nothing new. Such work can be done at a tattoo parlor or a beauty shop in the United States.

In the early 1900s when tattoos first gained popularity in popular culture, women were getting blush and eyeliner and other cosmetic things permanently tattooed on them.

Art was a big thing back then, something that had a lot to do with a man’s status and represented him well. Many women had works of art designed by their own husbands tattooed on them, and that was the beginning of tattoos as a form of artisticexpression.

Since then, tattoos have virtually taken off in the world. There once was a time that, short of cutting off your own skin, tattoos were permanent and there was nothing that could be done to remove them.

Military Tattoo History: Show Your Pride with Military Style Body Art

In this day and age, showing military pride has become more important than ever. Military tattoos are just one way for those who are part of the United States military and those who support it to show their pride and patriotism

Military tattoos are not specific to the United States though. Many countries have used tattoos to identify rankings among the military as well as show pride.

In some ancient cultures military tattoos were used as a means of identification and secret communication. Those who were in on it understood what the various tattoos meant while to the enemy, the ink was just that….a tattoo.

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Tattoo Removal Then and Now

Just like our ancestors of thousands of years ago, even now, some of us still have tattoos that we no longer want. However, today, we have many more tattoo removal options available to us than they did so long ago.

We all know that tattoos are still designed to be permanent but more and more convenient and comfortable ways are being developed to help get rid of the ones that people just can not seem to be able to live with. Laser surgery, dermabrasion, surgical excision, chemical extraction, you name it—people are using it to get rid of their unwanted ink.

As you can see,the history of tattoos goes back in time many centuries. Even if you weren’t thinking when you got the one that you have now, you wouldn’t be the first.

Many thousands of people get tattoos every year and a whole lot of them choose to have them removed. Having a little perspective is always important, and as you can see the history of tattoos is quite extensive. Perhaps it can offer you just a little insight as to where the idea came from in the first place.

If you have a tattoo, then, you too are part of that history!

To find out what methods of tattoo removal are available to you today, please read on.

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