How to Apply Henna to Get a Beautiful Henna Tattoo Design

How to Apply Henna to Get a Beautiful Henna Tattoo Design

Learning how to apply Henna is also known as the Art of Mehendi.

The Art of Mehendi has been practiced in certain rituals for many centuries and has been handed down from generation to generation. Actually, Mehendi is quite beautiful if applied correctly by a knowledgeable and skilled person.

There is most definitely a certain art and skill that is required to apply Henna tattoos properly, in order to get a nice looking Henna tattoo design. While there aren’t many Henna tattoo shops around where you can go and have them applied there are still a number of people walking around with them.

To help out, we are including a page on this web site on how to apply henna. You should be aware that you have a few preparations to consider and proper steps to follow.

Skin Preparation:

You should always make sure that your skin is clean and dry. On any part of your body that you are going to apply the Henna make sure you have not applied any oils or lotions. The drier the skin, the better the stain.

My recommendation is that if you want to apply a design on your hand and you normally moisturize daily, you really should go three or four days without applying any moisturizer.

It’s also worth noting that sun screen and tan in a bottle type products will make it very difficult for the henna to take to the skin.

Now you are ready to apply the Henna. Just remember to try to make it enjoyable. Learning how to apply Henna can be quite an enjoyable experience. Henna tattoos can be very intricate and have beautiful designs.

Henna Transfer Paper:

If you are going to be learning how to apply Henna, and you don’t feel secure or confident in your ability to “do it yourself”, you can use Henna transfer paper. Transfer paper can be bought at your local tattoo shop or office supply store. Get a few sheets for yourself, especially if this is your first time.

Next, you will want to pick a henna tattoo design and make a copy of it on regular copy paper. If you have access to the internet you can search Henna tattoo designs and print it out from there. You can find many free Henna tattoo designs on the internet. You are certain to find a Henna tattoo that will appeal to you.

Now, lay the design on the ink side of the transfer paper and start tracing the design until it is done. Then flip the paper over and now, you should have a nice ink outline of the design, which you can easily follow.

Then, take a deodorant stick and rub it over the area you are going to apply the Henna. Press the Henna tattoo design onto the area, ink side down.

When you peel it back you should now have an outline of the Henna tattoo design on your skin. From here you can start applying the henna to the design. Keep the sketch close so you can refer to it while you are going over the design on your body.

Henna Supplies:

Now we come to how to apply Henna. You can get your Henna in a premixed tube, but make sure that you first read the ingredients of the contents.

You can also get Henna cones, or you can mix the Henna yourself. First we are going to discuss mixing the Henna yourself.

One pack of Henna will be enough for you to decorate an entire football team, so keep this in mind when you are mixing.

Pour as much of the henna as you want into a bowl and then very slowly pour in lemon juice and boiling water. Mix as you are adding the liquids, remembering that you want a PASTE consistency, not syrupy or watery. The Henna should be thick.

Once the Henna paste is cooled you can apply it to the skin, and, most people will use a syringe to apply the Henna, to create their own special Henna tattoo design.

You can also use a premixed tube. Any tube of Henna has a shelf life of one year. However, please remember that once the Henna tube is open it is only good for a day to two. The Henna will begin to loose strength of color. Keeping the open tube in the refrigerator may help it last longer.

Unscrew the cap and use the pointed side to pierce the film on the tube opening. Then screw on the plastic applicator that comes with the tube and cut a very fine hole in the end of the applicator so the Henna can pass through it. I say fine because it is much easier to apply more Henna to an area then take the Henna away. The more intricate the design, the more control you want over the Henna.

Finally we come to the cone of Henna. Using the cone is more complicated than the other two methods. The outer covering of a premade cone is usually metal which makes it more difficult to work with. So if you are planning on a decorating a large area of the body, use one of the other two types because your hand is going to get very tired using cones.

Drying and Darkening of Your Henna Tattoo Design:

Once the Henna is applied you must let it dry completely. The time it takes for the Henna to dry depends on three things. These are, your body temperature, the temperature and humidity of the room and the thickness of the paste you have applied. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to dry.

If you would like to darken the stain you can apply a solution of sugar and lemon to the area. The lemon will react with the Henna and moisten the henna . Only when the Henna is wet will it stain the skin. By re-moistening the Henna with the sugar and lemon solution you will also be effectively darkening the color. The sugar will simply keep the Henna sticking to your skin, while the lemon will keep it moist. Just remember, the more times this procedure is repeated, the darker the Henna .

Yes, learning how to apply Henna to create beautiful Henna tattoo designs can take some time. However, if done correctly, these Henna tattoo designs can be stunning!

Removing Your Henna Tattoo Early:

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