Native American Tattoos

Native American Tattoos

Native American Tattoos have a very rich history.

If you have undertaken any studies of tattoo history at all, chances are that you are already well aware of the fact that Native American tattoos are rich in body art.

There are many different cultures with tattoos as a part of their history and the Native American community is just one of them.

Read on for a bit of history regarding these tattoo designs and what they represent. If you are seriously thinking about getting an American Indian tattoo design, you should be fully aware of exactly what it is that you are getting into and have at least an idea of just what type of American Indian tattoo design it is that you may want.

History of Native American tattoos

The history American Indian tattoos dates back to their time in the Americas long before any other cultures ever came along.

They were the original residents of the North American continent, and it was not until others began to land on their shores and influence their culture that things began to change.

Although the American Indian tattoo does bear some resemblance to modern body art, the significance behind them is completely different from each other.

Their meanings, just like so many other culture’s tattoos, had a much different meaning then, than what that same tattoo means in today’s modern culture.

Native American tattoos held an entirely different type of significance than modern American body art. American Indian tattoos were more of a spiritual concept and represented a connection with the earth and with their spiritual side.

Today’s modern tribal designs are often inspired by and resemble the older Native American tattoos.

However, contrary to the lines, shapes, and designs that are used in most of the modern tribal designs that we see today, the original Native American tattoo had spiritual significance and meaning for each design. This took on a very special importance for the wearer of that tattoo.

These tattoos had specific meanings and while they were often aesthetically pleasing the intention of them was not cosmetic. They were also considered spiritual tools, and this was not something limited to the Native American culture.

The ancient Greeks, cultures in Asia and other places all over the world—so many peoples have been known to use tattoos for numerous reasons, spiritual, cosmetic, and otherwise.

Throughout the history of Native american tattoos, this culture tattooed for a variety of reasons. Some were tattooed when they reached maturity. Some tribes tattooed one another and used that as a clear means of self identification whereas others tattooed for spiritual reasons. Some tattoos were meant to signify mighty warriors or great hunters. Perhaps there was also some tattooing done for self expression as well, just like today.

Native American Tattoo Customs

Needless to say, the original inhabitants of North America didn’t have tattoo guns. They did manage to do their own body art though, usually with the help of a sharp object and a dye that they also made themslves.

The skin was cut and the dye was prepared and put into the wound, so that when it healed it would heal in that color and in that design.

This was a painful process, but one that was apparently worth it to many of these people. And, even today, although not quite as painful as then, tattoos still are not too comfortable or pleasant to get.

How are American Indian Tattoos Identified?

You can’t really identify a genuine Native American tattoo for sure in today’s culture, but there are styles of body art that are very much inspired by the idea of Native American designs and spiritualism, and those tattoos may even be on somebody that you know.

Native American Tattoos in Modern Culture

Just because the original Americans had their own tattoo rituals so long ago does not mean that this process is not a part of their culture today.

Do not be fooled as it is still very much alive and well and being practiced by today’s Native American tribes. The American Indian is a very proud people, and rightly, deservedly so!

The process has been simplified and in some instances the original meaning is lost, but the tradition is still there. Many people with Native American roots tattoo themselves as a way of reconnecting with a culture that came before them, and many tattoo themselves as a way of upholding a traditional culture they have honored since birth.

Then again, there are those who simply like this type of tattoo design and enjoy the history behind them. Native American tattoos are popular for many reasons and it often helps to know a bit of history behind them, especially if you are considering one for yourself.

And, just like ages ago when even the American Indian tattoo was at times regretted by it’s proud owner, for one reason or another, this is still true today. Millions of us have gotten a tattoo that we have later regretted and wanted to find a way to remove.

How To Remove Your Tattoo

Many thousands of people get tattoos every year and for one reason or another many of them choose to have them removed.

We always ask that our visitors not make any rapid decisions. Investigate and study all available tattoo removal options.

Please do not accept the very first method of tattoo removal that you come across. It may not be the right one for you. There are other tattoo removal methods available, and with the right research and attention to your individual preferences, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the right method, whether it be Salabrasion, Laser Removal, TCA, Glycolic Acid, Chemical Extraction or any of the other various methods that we cover for you.

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