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Tattoo Removal Options?
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This tattoo removal options site map is your trusted guide to known methods for safely and effectively removing tattoos you no longer love the way you once did!

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Tattoo Removal Options Site Map
This tattoo removal options site map is your trusted guide to known methods for safely and effectively removing tattoos you no longer love the way you once did!

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In any case, people today are not only getting tattoos. They’re also removing them in greater and greater numbers. All your tattoo removal alternatives split nicely into two categories – surgical and non-surgical.

A. Surgical Methods

  1. Laser (Light Amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation)
  2. Cryosurgy (Freezes the area of the tattoo prior to removal. Often used with Dermabrasion/Salabrasion due to the frozen skin and less loss of blood.)
  3. Dermabrasion (Rubs off the top layer of your skin each time it is performed.)
  4. Salabrasion (Rubbing the tattoo with salt and sanding it out.)
  5. Excision (Cutting out a small portion at a time.)
  6. Plastic Surgery (self explanatory)
  7. Tissue Expansion (A balloon is inserted and inflated.)
  8. I.P.L.T. (Intense Pulsed Light Therapy)

B. Non-Surgical Methods

  1. TCA Removal Method
  2. Glycolic Acid Skin Peel Method
  3. Hydroquinone Removal Method
  4. Infrared Coagulation (I.R.C.) Method
  5. Chemical Extraction/Acid Peel Method
  6. Tattoo Over Removal Procedure
  7. Tattoo Fading Creams Method
  8. Tattoo cover-Ups

Whatever your reason for getting a tattoo in the first place, you’ve come to the right place for the solid trusted information you need to remove tattoos that you no longer want.

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