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All About The Creator Of This Tattoo Removal Site

This tattoo removal site is the work of Allen J. Pollick, author of the landmark book about safely and effectively removing tattoos, whether doing it yourself or with professional help. Says Allen…

“I was a pilot in the aviation industry for approximately 18 years. Since leaving aviation, I’ve been working as a telecommunications technician for a major telephone company.”

“Over the last eight years, I’ve developed a keen interest in Internet marketing including successfully selling and drop shipping merchandise through eBay. 

While selling through eBay, I noticed many people showing an interest in ways of removing unwanted tattoos. They were looking for methods and procedures that: (a) they could perform on their own, (b) would not cost thousands of dollars and (c) would not involve a physician or professional technician. I have an unwanted tattoo myself, and was therefore personally interested in the subject of removing tattoos.”

“I successfully sold many different company’s tattoo removal products on a continual basis. These sales proved to me that there were indeed many people interested in having their tattoos removed.”

“At this time, I seriously became interested in the subject of and decided to investigate this further on my own. I wanted to provide the everyday man or woman the opportunity to safely and successfully remove their unwanted tattoos.”

“I was already aware that the most common method of removing a tattoo is Laser removal, which is usually a very expensive procedure, and could be painful also.”

“I decided to find out for myself if indeed there were do-it-yourself methods that can be safely used at home to remove the unwanted tattoo.”

“After approximately eight months of research, I was able to find eight surgical methods and eight non-surgical methods being used today to safely remove the unwanted tattoos. It took me another six months to write the book, ‘Tattoo Removal Methods and Procedures.'”

“In my book, you’ll not only find all 16 methods being used today, but also a complete description of each method and a step by step guide to safely perform that particular non-surgical method of removal.”

“Along with the step-by-step removal procedure, you’re also supplied with a list of all the materials you need to safely perform that method yourself. Most of these materials are very easy to purchase and are readily available and most are very inexpensive.”

“Even though a lot of research went into my book, I’m aware that as I write this, there are more methods being developed that will greatly enhance the ability for one to remove his or her own tattoo.”

“I’ll be updating the book as more methods become available. All the new methods will be added to the new updated book, which will be updated FREE of charge to anyone who has purchased my book.”

“Any questions or comments will be welcomed. If anyone knows of other tested methods of tattoo removal that were not listed in my book, please feel free to let me know. If it’s a new and safe method, I’ll gladly add it to the updated book and you’ll be given credit for the insertion.”

“Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, I hope your visit is enjoyable and informative for you, and I hope the information will help you make an intelligent decision about your unwanted tattoo. I know you’ll not be disappointed after reading – and using – my book.”

Whatever your reason for getting a tattoo in the first place, you’ve come to the right place for the solid trusted information you need to remove tattoos that you no longer want.

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